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Jobs in Malta: IT Positions

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  • Публикувана: 18.11.2015 7:25
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Jobs in Malta: IT Positions


Gnral Information:
mploymnt typ: Full tim / Contract Basis
Location: Malta

C# / VB.NT Dvlopr

Rporting to th Softwar Dvlopmnt Managr, you will undrtak tasks along th ntir SDLC, and will b rsponsibl to suggst improvmnts and maintain th companys solutions. Dvloping within a Product Dvlopmnt nvironmnt, you will b rsponsibl for dlivring high quality componnts in lin with th projct rquirmnts. Th rol will ntail bing basd at clints’ prmiss for priods of tim whil working on snsitiv projcts.

Th slctd candidat will hold an IT rlatd dgr or similar qualifications, coupld with at last 1 yars xprinc working in a similar rol. You will hav xprinc of working on .NT Framwork mainly in C#, SQL, and knowldg of HTML5. You will b a highly proactiv individual with a solution orintd mntality whilst always kping th nd usrs in mind.
Snior Java Dvlopr
Rporting to and supporting th Tam Lad, th chosn candidat will b involvd in th dsign, dvlopmnt, tsting and maintnanc of th companys product. This will rquir th translation of high lvl businss rquirmnts into systm dsign within th xisting systm architctur as dictatd by projct rquirmnts. You will also b rsponsibl for th suprvision, training and mntoring of junior tam mmbrs, whil also kping up to dat with latst tchnologis and implmnting thm within th tam procss. Additional rsponsibilitis will includ th cration and maintnanc of softwar documntation, th construction of Proof of Concpts and th assssmnt of thir viability.
Th chosn candidat will hold a dgr in Computr Scinc, or an quivalnt qualification, and will hold 3-5 yars xprinc in a similar rol. You will dmonstrat an xprtis with Java and Java Framworks, Objct-Orintd dsign and dvlopmnt principls, and will possss hands-on xprinc with Java Application Srvrs, rlational databass and NoSQL data stors, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Th chosn candidat will hav xcllnt organisation and prioritisation skills, togthr with a hard-working approach, and th ability to adapt to a fast-pacd, yt casual work nvironmnt. Working xprinc in Agil practics will b considrd a strong asst.

BI Application Dvlopr

Working alongsid a tam of dvloprs and a projct managr, you will participat in th dvlopmnt of stablishd cor businss solutions in th aras of customr srvic managmnt, social analysis and businss analysis. Bing rsponsibl for dfining businss rquirmnts, you will thn translat ths into innovativ softwar dsigns and applications by contributing in th cration of nw products and srvics, whilst kping constant communication with th clint.
Knowldg of APIs using tchnologis such as JSON
C# on .NT dvlopmnt
Wb tchnologis such as Javascript , handlbars.js, HTML, CSS, PHP, JQury, AJAX, Angular.js and d3.js
Us of analytic platforms such as Good Data
To b considrd for this rol, you will hav a dgr in IT or rlatd fild, hav knowldg of .NT dvlopmnt, wb-basd srvics and applications. You will b a dvlopr or graduat with an intrst in both th tchnical and businss application sid of such tchnologis, togthr with xcllnt communication skills and th ability to work in a slf-sufficint way.

This rol will giv you th opportunity to us xciting and growing tchnologis in intrnational markts lik Zopim Chat and Zndsk; adding valu to your xprinc and profil. Th company will also offr to fund crtification and training programms in such tchnologis.

Softwar Architct

Th chosn candidat will hav a numbr of yars of xprinc in dvlopmnt and b an xprt in th gnral dsign and dvlopmnt policis mployd within th company’s dvlopmnt tams and b abl to shap and improv ths policis (scurity, maintainability and prformanc bing prioritis)
Undrstand th high-lvl objctivs intndd for platforms and gnrat dsigns that ar in lin with ths objctivs
Prform dvlopmnt work such as modification of platform moduls and intgration dvlopmnt with nw tchnologis
Hav dtaild xprtis on cor moduls of th platform and b abl to mntor othr dvloprs on thir dsign and us
Th chosn candidat will hav a dgr in IT or rlatd fild, 8+ yars xprinc with a vast rang of tchnologis on th lins of Java/J2, OO Dsign, multi-tir clint/srvr dsigns, databas tchnologis and APIs. Th candidat should hav xprinc dsigning larg-scal wb architcturs such as -commrc or transactional systms with strong projct managmnt and prioritization skills.

Ncssary documnts:
n autobiography in nglish (CV), downloadd from our wbsit www.slava7.bg
1 (on) full lngth photo, not oldr than 6 months

Important! CV must b downloadd from our sit and compltd in dtails.
Plas rmmbr that it is your fac to th mployr as a dtaild dscription of your xprinc and givs you biggr chanc for approval. Any othr crtificats for courss compltd, rcommndations will b a plus.
In accordanc with WAT, Youth and xchang programs!
For furthr information, plas, do not hsitat to contact us:
-mail: info@slava7.bg
Tl: 0700 800 77 *

Уникален код на обявата: 283564c27d514875

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